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released December 5, 2016



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Dreamline São Paulo, Brazil

Metal band from São Paulo, Brazil

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Track Name: Rain
When we look out the window
Watching the drops that fall
We can never see the end of the rain
Between night and day
All that we do is try to leave this place soon

She's trying to grab
In the air what is left in the room that
No one enters
Faded by the rain

Cause when we look out the window
Watching the sky as it falls down, once and for all
The void drains our eyes
And then we give ourselves away, to the dark

Take me away 'cause there's no aisle to follow
And I feel like no one bothers to take me away
From this rainy land
As she tries to grab the air what is left in the room that
In the room that no one enters
I'm flying away
Vanishing in the haze

Speak, to, the walls
Come, feel, the living night
Poor, loving, soul
Come, dance in the storm

Light to see
Now I believe
Track Name: Birds
Now I'm feeling good and no one bothers me
The trees has bloomed so suddenly
Birds started to sing and I didn't know
They were alive in the trees of snow

I can see the sky, it's now so blue
I don't want to leave this place so soon

Everybody told me: wait and stay,
do good for the doomsday
Come here with me and close your eyes
Imagine yourself in a happy time

I can see the sky, it's now so blue
I don't want to leave this place so soon
Track Name: Eternal
All I wonder through the ages
(Is) How can I just lie awake
While I'm staring at the sky
Seeing an endless horizon

I seek my death to end that suffering with no more pain
I wish you were here but you're gone
Like the rain my Dreams are falling to the ground
And the drops are hurting my soul
Track Name: Sea Funeral
The silence that surrounds me
A song whispered by death
The pale, cold expression
Dies with her beautiful face
Tides of oblivion and the waves
Took you away from me
Rest in blue the darkness
Of our souls, drowned in pain

Bury me deep underwater
Lose my soul into the sea

The letters I've sent
Were never received
My words were unknown
And forever will
I keep carving
Your name into the trees
Of a forest you will never walk in

Bury me deep underwater
Lose my soul into the sea
Track Name: Dive
I have searched everywhere, until I found
A place, that is made of change, and loves us all

I froze at the moment
Your presence was gone
Now I'm left here with that torn in my soul

My secret place is made of change
Deep blue eyes, days of calm and rage
I'll close all my wounds, when I move

Far away, looking back to the days
When we knew we would live with ashes and stains

Mother I am marching to the sea
To kill the spirit
They shall fear me
Moments where I'm one with the tide
Now pass me by
Like the time when I tought that in

Life, nothing awaits, nothing I see
Now alone in this ghostly realm
I'm still haunted by my own Dreams
The fact is that I'm still going down
Track Name: The Sky is Down
Ghosts of dawn
Find the passage to a lost time
Walk by my side
Children of flood
Make barriers and heal my wounds

Hero in the dark
Find the flames to make light, come to my eyes
Eyes on a moon
Blackened by the waters of June

Walls closing all of our ways
I am done for the day
They'll bring fear to us all
When the sky comes
Down, our throats the remakes
Of the hours of hate
They will hear us all
When the sky comes

Whether I stay or leave
I will not find shelter anywhere
If I stay or leave
I’m still going down